sites i adore

ryan, cole, lb and tessa over at pacing the panic room win the all around best family award.

matt, liz and madeline lots of swearing, pbr and excellent music recommendations.

bleubird- the blog i hate to love.

if you want to feel lazy and sheltered yet inspired, traveling triplets can help you with that.

sarah lasker- everything i pin on pinterest originally comes from her boards. also known as my soul sister. 

black hockey jesus- he's deep, a little poetic and ridiculously witty.

barefoot foodie will make you gasp and say "oh no she din't just write that!" but she did. and it's great.

what?! why is sydney over at the daybook so cute?!

angela hardison, let me know when you're accepting bff applications.

hi hula seventy, my name is abbie and your site makes me want to dance in my underwear.

what should we call me has me "bahahaha"ing for days.

che and fidel- i just love this family. that's all.

what's that? you want to be equal parts butch and martha stewart? well, you should visit young house love and design sponge.

mid century modern- if you're a mid century nerd like i am.

i don't drink coffee... a cup of jo is my boost.

best maine gift store award goes to daytrip society.

kiersten holine is pretty legit.

i can't help but dedicate 5 minutes of each day to daily grace.

aura joon doesn't blog anymore but when she did, i wanted to live, swim and make snow (dirt) angels in her garden.

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