30 before 30

this kid ^ is turning 30 on february 20th 2014. that means as of today, i have 663 days to complete 30 goals. that's do able, right? 
below is my list and once the goal is completed, i'll link it up to a post about the experience.
wish me luck!

  1. donate time or money to 15 different charities.
  2. visit frank lloyd wright's fallingwater in pennsylvania.
  3. sew a quilt for my mum.
  4. visit new york city.
  5. read 30 books.
  6. leave 50 notes of happiness in random places.
  7. have something (other than my eyebrows) waxed.
  8. go to a concert. #01 #02 
  9. see brady and madi either in maine or in alabama.
  10. get a pedicure.
  11. splurge on something for myself (and not feel guilty).
  12. print all of my digital photographs and put them into albums.
  13. see a red sox game. 
  14. get my 10th tattoo.
  15. visit another country.
  16. meet bill murray.
  17. go on a 10 year friendiversary with candice.
  18. go on an overnight hiking trip.
  19. plant a vegetable garden.
  20. go horse back riding.
  21. climb mt. washington or mt. chocorua.
  22. fire a gun (and not kill someone).
  23. sort through and get rid of 50% of the stuff i own.
  24. memorize the presidents and their terms in order.
  25. do a 6 day juice fast.
  26. go zip lining.
  27. meet sarah lasker.
  28. go on a solo trio somewhere i've never been.
  29. take a road trip.  
  30. buy an old school cruiser bike and bomb around in it.

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