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goal 29 || take a road trip. #fatherdaughterroadtrip2013. part 02.

part 02. you can find part 01 here.

it's spring break time around maine and this year my dad and i decided to take a week long road trip that took us to nyc, western pennsylvania, central pennsylvania, and bethel, ny. they'll be more photos in other posts because i got accomplished 3 (!!!) of my 30 before 30 goals. here's the first, the road trip, which was hashtagged on instagram as #fatherdaughterroadtrip2013 :)

01. today we hit up every thrift store and flea market we passed.

02. flight 93 memorial. the white wall has each victim's name on a panel, the wall follows the flight path. at the end, at that gate, the path continues to the actual crash site that is marked by a boulder and broken hemlock trees. only family is allowed beyond the gate.

03. beyond the gate leading to the impact site. the boulder marks the spot.

04. there is a small building on the site for people to leave messages. someone left this and it gave me goosebumps. (I covered her's and her son's first and last name because she probably didn't intend for this message to be on the Internet.)

05. left 76 degrees and sunny for this.

06. it's perfect for a rainy 4.5 hour drive.

07. growing up my dad always called rolled down windows when it's cold out "pneumonia holes" as in "Oopa (that's me) roll up that pneumonia hole!"

08. boredom is setting in on this part of the trip. so thankful it's been so sunny the other times we've driven. 30 minutes til our destination!

09. randy and I made a pit stop in bethlehem, pa just to meet a dear friend that I met on myspace 8 years ago. this was our first time meeting after years of calls, texts, emails and letters.

10. back road detour to an unplanned but totally rad destination. stay tuned to see Randy's dreams come true:)

11. his mind? completely blown.

12. he kept saying things like "my heart is beating so fast, I can't believe I'm here" and "my arms are covered in goose pimples" and "this is the best moment of my life and you're here with me"

13. the stage was at the base of the hill on the left, the hill and beyond is where 500k people spent 3 days of peace, love & music.

14. the site of the original Woodstock in 1969 and the Woodstock museum in Bethel, New York. making my dad's lifelong dream come true was my favorite part of this trip and our last stop. 

15. after he took this he said "I'm so proud you're my daughter. thank you for bringing me here. I'm gonna frame this."

16. he was 19 when Woodstock rolled into town and couldn't go because he had to work but I'm pretty sure as he stood looking out on the grounds, he saw his 19 year old self out there.

17. heading home where he'll flash peace signs for days.

18. unfortunately we can't go home through Boston tonight but we did stop here to share our love, prayers, respect and support to this community.

19. he made friends within 10 minutes with the hippie volunteer museum guide. the hippie lady in the gift shop liked him and his ponytail so much she gave him a free poster and peace sign necklace.

the end:)

goal 29 || take a road trip. #fatherdaughterroadtrip2013. part 01.

it's spring break time around maine and this year my dad and i decided to take a week long road trip that took us to nyc, western pennsylvania, central pennsylvania, and bethel, ny. they'll be more photos in other posts because i got accomplished 3 (!!!) of my 30 before 30 goals. here's the first, the road trip, which was hashtagged on instagram as #fatherdaughterroadtrip2013 :)

01. road trip essentials.

02. trust me, he's more excited than i am.

03. george washington bridge.

04. on today's agenda, hanging out with papa and the ponytail in nyc:)

05. basically what i came to the city to see. sadly dave is on hiatus:(

06. a little piece of what feels like could be home, smack dab in the middle of the city. central park, you're my favorite thing here.

07. the daffodil project, one of the city's largest volunteer efforts. over 5 million bulbs were planted throughout the city in memory of 9/11. a living memorial that symbolizing perserverence and restoration. i love it.

08. i'm a huge fan of the architecture of memorials. so much thought and symbolism are poured into these landmarks. the 9/11 memorial, though now finished, surprisingly lacked that heartfelt symbolism i find so touching and i was a bit disappointed. because of the ongoing construction, tickets to the memorial need to be purchased and a full fledge airport-esqe security screening takes place. i feel like that takes away from the sole purpose of people going to pay their respects and instead turns it into a tourist attraction. i overheard someone say that once it's complete, the security and need to purchase tickets will go away. i'll have to go back then. with all the said, it is a beautiful memorial and i certainly respect the area.

09. i hailed this taxi on my first try. it made me a bit cocky for the rest of the day.

10. 102nd floor of the empire state building. 1,250 feet up.

11. it seems as though 95% of nyc is made up of tourists. us included. 82nd floor of the empire state building.

12. the amount of electricity flowing through times square is mind boggling. i would hate vegas.

13. my favorite part of the 9/11 memorial is the survivor tree. this tree stands maybe 50 ish feet feet from the south tower and 100 ish (i'm guessing and i'm terrible with distances) feet from the north tower. i was obviously buried in rubble after the attacks but it survived and is now thriving.

14. annnnnd my feet after walking from uptown to downtown and everywhere in between. (i wore flip flops. big mistake!)

15. out of the city and in my element. location: the prettiest rest stop in pennsylvania.

16. perfect rest spot.

17. the city has got nothin on this.

18. papa agrees.

19. done with my share of driving for the day. this means selfies, possibly a nap and randy's choice of music.. right now we're listening to tutti frutti by little richard:/

20. oh you know, just cleaning our own motel room upon arrival. the bathroom and carpets hadn't even been touched by the cleaning service. 

21. watching a beautiful sunrise in pennsylvania with a heavy heart. my mind is in boston.

22. british phone booth in the middle of the sculture meadow at kentuck knob.

23. the woods will always be my happy place.

24. its ridiculous how incorporated with its natural surroundings this house is.

25. western pennsylvania, you've made me a fan.

26. he's convinced me he doesn't do well with photos.

27. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

28. he has supported every dream i've ever had and every step i've ever taken. i'm so grateful that he's my dad.

29. yesterday was 77 degrees. first lunch outside of 2013 at the fallingwater cafe, why not?

30. oh hey coolest living room in america.

31. paradise overlook at fallingwater. well worth the hike.

32. spring is here.

33. sometimes the best parts of vacation are finding spots that remind you of your childhood so far from home.

34. it was the perfect day.

35. topped off with a severe thunderstorm back at the motel. the light outside the window is a flash of lightning.

36. apparently Pennsylvania hits a lot of deer. this was the 3rd one we saw.

37. true story.

38. randy got to choose dinner tonight. he said he was in the mood for "a real meal with meat and potatoes" so naturally he chose KFC. his excitement grew even more when they informed him that Mountain Dew refills are free. I'm making him pay for my food to make up for the fact that we're even here.

continued here.