Friday, February 8, 2013

when you're a hardcore bill murray fan like me...

the northeast part of this country is getting pounded by mother nature right now. snow. lots and lots of snow. predicted 2 feet. what. the. fuck.

so in between shoveling mini cupcakes into my mouth and praying like crazy that the power doesn't go out each time the lights flicker, the only way to survive is a bill murray movie marathon. when the movie is over, you research it on imdb and then you pin the shit out of it on pinterest. repeat. this has been my life today. and i'm not even sad or embarrassed by it, probably because i'm hyped up on coffee and sugar.

it's no secret to my friends that i have creepy crushes on older actors. if i had a choice between any actor thats my age or david letterman/clint eastwood/steve carrell to play 7 minutes in heaven with, it's the latter all the way. every time. so it's no surprise that upon stumbling across the movie lost in translation, i also stumbled deep into obsession with all things bill murray. what can i say?

this weeks 'seen there & shared here' is an ode to bill. if you're not a fan, don't continue reading. and if that's the case, don't come back here because we probably have nothing in common anymore.

01. i'm cheap. after my first iphone case over $30 broke when i dropped my phone, i vowed to never spend more than $5 on one again. and then i saw this and it just so happens that i have $39 in my paypal account. so that justifies that purchase.

02. unfortunately i can't justify $150 but my birthday is in 12 days. hint hint.

03. so this is my thought process, when i get a coffee table, i'll put this coloring book on it. i'll encourage my guests to color a picture in it. it'll be a collaborative art project. and an excuse for a 28 year old to own a coloring book.

04. if i can't convince you to love bill, here are eight brilliant true stories to get the job done.

05. how the hell did i miss this tour?! as soon as i'm done with this post i'm going to get to work on my own sign. (after further research, no tour took place, phew!)

06. so many bill murray movies to watch, you say, where do i start? well, here is a list of his top 10 films. i don't agree with #1 though, it should be a tie between lost in translation and the life aquatic with steve zissou.

07. trailer for lost in translation.

08. trailer for the life aquatic with steve zissou.

09. clearly this was 14 minutes and 51 seconds of heaven for me.

10. did you know that bill murray got his start on snl back when it was actually funny?
happy weekend!!

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