Saturday, April 28, 2012

chapter 8. me to you.

may 2003. having never met you before, only talked via phone and email, i flew to texas for 3 days to meet you. i then left for california for the weekend and then flew back to you in texas for another 4 days. we spent a lot of time at sonic and each other's "houses". we were 19.

  july 2003. just a few months after our initial meeting, you flew to maine for 2 weeks during the summer. we spent a few days in boothbay harbor deep sea fishing and went to a castle in new hampshire. we were 19.        

december 2004-january 2005. you flew to maine the day after christmas to help me pack for my big move to california. we spent a few nights in boston. on new years eve day, we both flew to texas. i spent 8 days there. we went to dallas and took an unforgettable road trip to austin. we were 20.                   

may 2010. you had just moved to dc and we decided to take a road trip and meet in the middle which happened to be lovely connecticut. we spent 24 epic hours exploring the amazing bridgeport. we were 26.

july 2010. you flew to maine. we spent your time here kayaking, camping and thrifting. we documented every day with a video we called "reflections". we were 26.

august 2010. i flew to your new life in dc. we spent a somber day at the holocaust museum, smoked way too many cigarettes and you cut your hair short again. we were 26.

july 2011. you flew to maine. we kayaked and went to an amos lee concert. other than that neither one of us have any recollection of this trip. we were 27.

april 2012. my dad and i flew to you in dc. we spent our time nerding out on our apple gear, eating at "fuddruckles", celebrating your birthday, doing house maintenance, attending auctions, sitting by a campfire, drinking too much, shopping for bow ties and vintage treasures, getting matching tattoos and remembering why it is that we still, after all these years and so few visits, have a firm, mutual understanding, love and respect for the very threads that have held us together. this is our 9th year of being everything the other needs and we are 28.

i love you and cannot wait to write chapter 9 (and all the ones after that...)


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