Monday, April 30, 2012

jackie and michelle oh oh oh!

if you know me at all, you know that i am quite in love with the kennedy family. i wrote my senior research paper on jfk's assassination, i traveled all the way to the arlington national cemetery just to stand before the eternal flame. i've driven through dealey plaza in dallas and i have spent hours at the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum in boston. i've devoured books about jfk's life growing up, camelot, the cuban missile crisis and bay of pigs invasion, conspiracies around his assassination, his time served in the military, his election, jfk's involvement with the peace corps, space program and civil rights along with his rebuilding of the special forces. i'm no fan of politics but i deeply admire kennedy's legacy (and i'm sure i'll nerd out more than once about it on this blog).

along with my ridiculous jfk fascination comes my girl crush on his wife. incredible in her own ways, she was clearly a woman of grace and dignity... this may 19th will mark the 18th year of her passing and my pinterest boards have been blowing up with some of my all time favorite photos of the former first lady.

and although no one can compare to the late jackie, this woman is doing a mighty fine job. (i mean, look at her rock that dress)

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