Tuesday, January 1, 2013

best of twentytwelve.

one of my new years resolutions is to blog more and well, today's the first day of the year so i'm off to a good start, no? that's actually a complete lie. i didn't make any resolutions. and if i did, blogging wouldn't be one of them because i am serious about blogging more. making a resolution out of it would jinx it. in true new years fashion, i'm gonna make a list of my top 5's of 2012. i'd make top 12's because that would seem cooler but i don't remember shit... i hope i can remember 5. here goes.....

*note: some of these things may not have been released in 2012 but i discovered them in 2012 so it counts to me. also, some categories may have more or less than 5 things, i'm doing my best. and, there is no order.

(most of these did not come out this year, but they're the soundtrack of mine)
01. holocene. bon iver.
02. emmylou. first aid kit.
03. call me maybe. cover by ben howard. (definitely not the pop version)
04. some nights. fun.
05. ho hey. the lumineers.
06. luminescent braid. matthew hemerlein.
07. blood. the middle east.
08. the boxer. cover by mumford & sons.
09. little talks. of monsters & men
10. slow & steady. of monsters & men.

01. the perks of being a wallflower.
02. argo.
03. pitch perfect. (i remain shameless on this one)
04. les miserables.
05. extremely loud and incredibly close.
06. the five year engagement.

01. a million miles in a thousand years. donald miller.
02. fifty shades of gray trilogy (i'd be lying if i said this wasn't the most embarrassing and pathetic yet easy and fun read... i finished 3 books in 14 days. oops.)
03. the great gatsby. f. scott fitzgerald. reread for the 384th time.
04. bloom. kelle hampton.

sites on the internet to waste your time.
01. pinterest. over 6,300 pins. really abbie??
..... and that's it.

television shows.
01. every episode of parks & rec ever made. again and again.
02. every hoarders episode available on netflix.

01. taking an 8 day vacation to washington dc with papa in april. it was our first vacation together, i got to spend time with my bff and meet a few amazing new friends.
02. my nephew brady flying in from alabama and staying with us for 2 weeks. it was a challenge keeping him occupied but i loved having him as my sidekick in adventures. it felt like the old days.
03. attending the newport folk festival with the bff. we road tripped down to rhode island, stayed with a hilarious friend of a friend and danced in the rain.
04. gentlemen of the road stopover on the eastern prom in portland. seeing mumford & sons outside on the ocean was ridiculous. the highlight was when all the bands from the tour collaborated on singing one of my all time favorite songs, the weight.
05. seeing bon iver at the bank of america pavillon in boston. this was a dream come true for me. i was in heaven the entire time. and i went alone, it was nerve racking but refreshing.
06. meeting and throwing a mickey mouse clubhouse 5th birthday for the most extraordinary little girl i will ever meet. i have never been so grateful for the love and kindness of others, this experience changed my life forever.

and now, a few photos...