Friday, January 11, 2013

goal 08 || see a concert. newport folk festival.

january 2012
early bird newport folk festival tickets
lineup pending
miss texas and i knew
it was a no brainer.
fast forward some months,
announcement came
of monsters and men,
the head and the heart,
iron and wine,
first aid kit,
tallest man on earth,
alabama shakes
and so on
and so on.
july came,
we road tripped to newport
in a rented toyota yaris

and stayed with
a friend of a friend.
(that's our roommate klinkhammer on the right)

day one
started with a healthy gas station breakfast 

and was followed 
by these moments

that night, 
back at klinkhammer's 
a flood came upon us

but all was good 
and dry
for day 2..


 dear newport folk festival,
thank you for
2 days of greatness
filled with
amazing music
awesome people
pretty views
rum & coke
a little bit of rain
dirty feet
unforgettable memories.
see you in 2013!


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